Monday, November 2, 2009

Berkley Boneyard

Most Berkley residents are familiar with a place lovingly referred to as the Berkley Boneyard.... I know what your thinking what is that? Well allow me to be the one to tell you. Every year during the fall a house in Berkley slowly comes alive, for days you can see ghosts and ghouls coming from within the house to their new home for the month of October. The front yard is adorned with vampires and zombies, fake blood gushes from severed heads and men with chainsaws are everywhere, it must be time once again for the Berkley Boneyard. For years I have driven by this house and see the incredible display that goes up for Halloween but for the first time this year I decided to head over and check it out at night. I was shocked and amazed, what looks like a wax museum during the day comes alive with activity at night, everything moved and talked, jumped and howled. Their were men dressed as scary movie villains prowling the crowd and ghosts floating from above my head, impressed does not begin to describe it. I wanted some more info so I grabbed a few quick facts to share...

-The Boneyard requires over 1500 man hours per yer to run

-Over 2000 watts of lighting are used along with several low voltage systems

- Electricity is borrowed from 2 of their neighbors

-In 2003 the display was taped for a British Documentary on how Americans celebrate Halloween.

The Boneyard has become a Halloween must see for me and I encourage anyone who hasn't to stop by and check it out, I applaud the efforts by the family who is gracious enough to put this together every year for our viewing delight and I can't wait till they do it all again next year.

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